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Pivot Consulting and Solutions provides training for the fundamental skills needed to get started as a professional in the field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Our objective with Pivot is to give an individual a different perspective on learning the HVAC industry.

In addition to selling mechanical products — we train students in troubleshooting, repair, and safety skills needed for entry-level positions in the industry. Our curriculum includes lectures and online videos covering HVAC 101 – HVAC 109

With over 30 years as a Master HVAC with an extensive background in commercial and residential systems — we bring field experience that will enhance your ability to be successful.

Inquire at tilghman@pivotcas.com for additional questions or information.

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How Pivot Changes Lives and Improves Careers

By choosing Pivot Consulting & Solutions, you choose quality education on an expert level. Join our program and get a chance to experience our teaching skills with the latest technology and equipment.
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What Our Clients Say

“Pivot introduced themselves to our agency in December 2020 and we have been pleased with their customer service and competitive product offerings.”

Samantha W

“Pivot has awesome response time and competitive pricing. When we need replacement parts, we can always count on them.”

Barbara H

“My experience with Pivot and Mr. Tilghman was exactly what I needed. There’s a lot to learning the HVAC field that isn’t taught in the books and he brings his experiences in the field to the student.”

Milton L

“Pivot is a very professional company. I love the online videos and the personal attention. Mr. Tilghman is all about making sure the student comes first, identifying and meeting their needs. I would recommend this company to everyone looking to get started in HVAC”

Anthony W.

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